Being a serial entrepreneur, Lars-Uno Larsson, 2004, turned his interest into identifying an evolving global market segment, not yet, fully commercially explored. During the process, he founded LUL in Sweden AB, and almost instantly noticed the Biomimetics area as an unusual vigorous, evolving, scientific field with a significant commercial potential in an immediate need for structured commercial development programs.

The company name was changed to Swedish Biomimetics 3000® and to address the specific opportunistic market needs, Swedish Biomimetics 3000® developed an innovation accelerating operating model (V²IO®) to meet those needs. The model has initially been adopted to support, in 2007, inlicensed platform technologies, µMist® and µLot® currently under development by the company.The (V²IO®) accelerating model directs these development programs towards established market needs and engages collaborative cutting edge and industrial partners from the earliest point.

From an organizational point of view, the objectives has been to establish a global representation through a combination of “virtual offices” and few strategically selected fully owned subsidiaries with locations chosen who can readily and professionally support business incubation. With this background the company established 2006 a fully owned UK subsidiary Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd, and is currently carrying out its development programs at two strategically located Bioincubator sites in the UK, while silmultanously supporting basic research programs at University level.

The UK has been selected due to its pioneering biomimetic history and as the ideal entry port for future European and Global expansion. Virtual Global offices is currently being coordinated with a strategic development partner.In order to further strengthen the entrepreneurial support of the company, Mr Alastair Young, a serial entrepreneur based in Australia 2008 joined Swedish Biomimetics 3000® as a director and shareholder. As part of a major investment strategy to capitalise on major development milestones, Dr Andrew Copestake, at the end of 2010, joined the company as CEO of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® AB and as Managing Director of Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd.

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