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Press release UK, March, 2015
Relocation of Swedish Biomimetics 3000®Ltd to Norwich, UK
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NEWS 2015

September 2015

Drug Making Breaks Away From Its Old Ways
Continuous-Manufacturing’ Process Can Improve Quality Control, Speed Output.
Wall Street Journal, By Jonathan D Rockof. Read the article ›

March 2015:
Biomimetik – att efterlikna naturen för att förebygga sjukdom
Läkartidningen. 2015;112:DAYR
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February 2015:
Swedish Biomimetics 3000 US Fuel Injector Patent approved
Swedish Biomimetics 3000 is pleased to report that we have received a Notice of Allowance in
respect of the above referenced US patent application. Commenting on the approval, Swedish Biomimetics 3000’s CEO, Dr. Andrew Copestake added, “This is another significant achievement for our organisation and our fuel injector development programme. This approval supplements the approvals we have already received in Australia, China and Japan, for our fuel injector technology and the other uMIST patent families; General Concept, Fire Extinguisher and Drug Delivery.”

NEWS 2014

October 2014:
Miljöministern: Hållbara lösningar finns i naturen
Sveriges nya klimat- och miljöminister Åsa Romson (MP) vill ha mer forskning om biologiska system för att kunna möta globala utmaningar. Ett forskningsområde som kan utvecklas är biomimetik där naturen härmas för smarta lösningar.
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June 2014:
Swedish Biomimetics 3000® to present at The Swedish Energy Agency's conference
"Energirelaterad fordonsforskning (Energy-related automotive research)", in Gothenburg, October 8-9.
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May 2014:
Handbook of Biomimetics and Bioinspiration
Biologically- Driven Engineering of Materials, Processes, Devices, and Systems ›

Jan 2014:
Arla "Lär av naturen"
Lär av naturen, spindeln ›
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Lär av naturen, kackerlacka ›
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Global Innovation Science Handbook, Chapter 9
Biomimetics: Learning from Life: Learing from Life ›



Press release UK, October, 2013
Swedish Biomimetics 3000®Ltd and Falmouth University announces Business Collaboration Set to Turn Tables on Textile Finishing
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Press release UK, October, 2013
Swedish Biomimetics 3000® and University of East Anglia nominated for The Times Higher Education 2013 “Outstanding Contribution to Innovation & Technology Award”, in London.
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Press release UK, June, 2013
Cosworth and Swedish Biomimetics 3000® announce technical partnership to advance fuel injection systems inspired by the bombardier beetle’s defence mechanism.
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Press release UK, January, 2013
Small and Micro Businesses share £1.38m Manufacturing Innovation Funding
Swedish Biomimetics 3000® are among nearly 60 small and micro businesses who will share a grant funding totalling £1.38 million from the Technology Strategy Board ( to carry out feasibility studies that may lead to innovations in a range of manufacturing competences.
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NEWS 2013

Sept 2013:
I juni 2013 vid Lunds Universitet hölls ett multidisciplinärt arrangemang under rubriken ”Bioinspired Energy Conversion - can we find cross-boundary approaches in energy-related research?” sponsrat av Pufendorfinstitutet.
Swedish Biomimetics 3000®'s Andrew Copestake var en av föredragshållarna som filmades av och sändes i SVT Utbildningsradion den 20 september 2013.
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Aug 2013:
Swedish Biomimetics 3000® AB to present at Cancer Crosslinks Sweden
October 16-17 2013, at Medicon Village, Lund
Session III, Personalized Medicine-Where are we heading? Opportunities & Threats
Drug discovery and high tech manufacturing ‐ a need in Personalized Medicine
Andrew Copestake, Swedish Biomimetics 3000® AB
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May, 2013
Personalized Medicine 6.0, Next Generation Sequencing for Targeted Therapeutics
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April, 2013
Founder and chairman of Swedish Biomimetics 3000®, Lars-Uno Larsson, to be honored at NORD 30th Anniversary Celebration in Washington D.C. for his "Vision and Pioneer Guidance in the patient community, government and industry for years of service to rare disease patients and their families."
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April, 2013
Energimyndigheten (Swedish Energy Agency), Energirelaterad fordonsforskning 2013
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April, 2013
FKG, Stödformer för utveckling & kompetenshöjning
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February 2013
Launching a new war on cancer
Houston's MD Anderson Cancer Center is announcing its own "Moon Shots Program," aimed at significantly reducing the number of deaths from a handful of cancers by the end of this decade.
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February 2013
High-Tech Factories Built to Be Engines of Innovation
Companies see high-tech factories as fonts of ideas.
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February 2013
Upphetsad insekt lär sig köra bil
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February 2013
Odour-tracking capability of a silkmoth driving a mobile robot with turning bias and time delay
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January, 2013
The New York Times: WHEELS BLOG: Engineers Bring Processes of Nature to Design
Morphogenesis, from the Greek words morphê, for shape and genesis, for creation, refers to imitating evolution in developing designs.
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January, 2013
”… biomimetics is becoming a dominant paradigm for robotics, materials science and other technological disciplines, with the potential for significant scientific, societal and economic impact over this decade and into the future.”
See article, ’ The state of the art in biomimetics’, in IOPscience publication, Bioinspiration & Biomimetics ›

January, 2013
“Professor studies companies using nature to solve problems and enhance products.”
See UM Regents Professor Jakki Mohr's article, 'The Business of Mimicry', in The University of Montana's research publication, Vision.
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Press release, Malmö, Sweden, September, 2012
The Swedish Energy Agency Awards Swedish Biomimetics 3000® and The Faculty of Engineering at Lund University SEK 6.8 million for Diesel Injector Development inspired by the Bombardier Beetle´s defence mechanism. UK,August, 2012
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Press release, UK,August, 2012
Company News Update, Swedish Biomimetics 3000® announces company update. Swedish Biomimetics 3000® to present and sponsor tech tour at the SAE International Meeting in Malmö, 19 september
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UK,November 24, 2011
Professor Julian Vincent, Scientific Advisor at Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd and Honorary Professor of Biomimetics in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath has received the Friendship Award of the Government of Jilin Province in China.
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NEWS 2012

Sweden, September, 2012

Skalbagge förebild för ny dieselteknik.
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Sweden, September, 2012
Vetenskapsradions Veckomagasin:
Forskare vid Sveriges lantbruks universitet och Karolinska insitutet har för första gången kunna visa hur de lyckats få mänskliga nervceller att växa till på kontgjord spindeltråd. Det här är ett av flera framsteg som gjorts på senare år inom den så kalade biomimetiken, ett forskningsfält som går ut på att härma naturens lösningar för att få fram material som kan laga eller bota den mänskliga kroppen.
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UK,August, 2012
Company News Update, Swedish Biomimetics 3000® covered in Nesta's Hot Topic
See interview with Denise DeLuca, Watch interview ›
Hot Topic Briefing: Biomimicry, Read more ›

UK,June, 2012
Personalized Medicine 5.0. Students, scientists glimpse a revolution in medicine.
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UK,May, 2012
Company News Update, Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd announces company updates.
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UK,April 2, 2012
Company News Update, Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd announces company updates.
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Press Release, UK, August 23rd, 2011
Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd to present the µMist® fuel Injector system at the JSAE/SAE® International –Powertrains, Fuel & Lubricants Meeting in Kyoto, Japan,
August 30th-September 2, 2011
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Press Release, UK, August 22nd 2011
Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Ltd and its µMist® Platform Technology covered in University of Leeds, Research and Innovation News Letter- IMPACT ( and in the Danish Innovation and Entrepreneurial Magazine FIRST MOVER ( UK, June 15th, 2011

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Press Release, UK, June 15, 2011
Announces Appointment of Program Manager

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Stockholm, Sweden, January 19th, 2011
Swedish Biomimetics 3000® Announces Appointment of CEO
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Stockholm, 1/12 2010

Swedish Biomimetics 3000®
vinner ”Outstanding Contribution to Innovation
Technology Award” i London
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Swedish Biomimetics 3000® wins ”Outstanding Contribution to Innovation
Technology Award” in London
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